5 Basic Electrician Duties That You Should Know

5 Basic Electrician Duties That You Should Know

5 Basic Electrician Duties That You Should Know

5 Basic Electrician Duties That You Should Know

We often encounter electrical problems with our appliances, equipment and fixtures at home. There are times when our TV, fans, refrigerator and other home equipment break down and we do not know what to do with them. We cannot do our house chores and tasks because our equipment are not functioning. Since wires are complex things for us to handle, we pay for an electrician’s services instead. They are very much capable of bringing our broken appliances back to life again. However, electricians do not only fix or repair objects but they are in also in charge of a number of responsibilities. To give you a glimpse of what they do, here are some basic electrician duties that you can take note of.

Diagnose or Inspect

The first of the many electrician duties is to diagnose existing problems with electrical wiring systems, equipment, appliances, fixtures or even buildings. Electricians inspect the electrical system or equipment which is malfunctioning and they identify what is the root of the problem to form solutions to solve it.

Fix or Repair

After knowing what the cause of the problem is, an electrician will set to fix or repair it. They have excellent logical thinking skills which allow them to formulate solutions for the problem at hand. Fixing the problems may take only a few minutes or even days depending on its complexity and difficulty.

Run Tests

When the problem is fixed, the electrician will test if the system or equipment is functioning again. He or she will check the wirings and the circuits to know if there is more work to do or if the problem is successfully fixed.

Give Advice

There are times when the system or equipment is not safe to be used again or needs some more work. An electrician then advises the owner or the management on what to do so that it will be up and running safely again in no time.

Do Maintenance

Electricians do maintenance work on the electrical systems and equipment to ensure that no problems will occur again. They may visit once in a while to inspect and make sure that they are in a good condition.

There are different kinds of electricians. Some of which are residential, industrial and commercial electricians. Some kinds do more electrician duties than others like management responsibilities such as making reports and keeping files. However, these five electrician duties are the most basic for this occupation.