Electrical Work

Electrical Work

Electrical Work

Electrical work is a very dangerous job. Working with electricity can cause serious injuries and it can even take lives if the electrician is not careful. Hence, proper precautionary measures must be applied when performing tasks related to electricity.

Cut the Source of Power

Make sure that all sources of electricity are turned off before the actual job begins. Whatever type of electrical work you are going to do, it is important to keep yourself safe from any live wires. Cut the power in the area where you are going to work. Whether it is a simple task like changing the light switch in a room or a complex job like installing a new wire in the electric system, always remember to have the power cut off.

Maintain a Dry Working Area

Water is a good conductor. Electricity can easily flow in watery surfaces including sweaty palms. So ensure that you keep the surrounding dry and wear appropriate gloves for the hands to avoid moisture. In addition, electrical workers are required to take off every metal accessory in their body including wrist watch, necklace, bracelet and everything made of metal.

Use the Right Tools

Using the right equipment in fixing of electrical systems is also a requirement. Such tools are particularly designed to resist electricity. The handles are made from wood or rubber to prevent the electrician from injuring his hands in case of unexpected accidents. Use also devices that can detect if electricity is flowing in the circuits. These gadgets are used as a signal when to touch and when not to touch a wire.

Check Wires and Plugs

Inspect if the wirings are fully covered and that there are no damaged parts. Exposed wires must be coated with an electrical tape so that safety hazards are prevented. This is a standard operating procedure that must not be forgotten.

Acquire Permits

Electrical works require legal documents to be performed. Local government usually issues the permit necessary for this job. However, it also depends on the state where you are located. The complexity of the job is also another factor to look at. Simple electrical jobs like installing a new switch in the bathroom usually do not need special permits.


Following the safety rules when working with electricity can prevent injury. Workers should never take these instructions for granted as their lives can be put to danger with a careless act.